web2True golfing prowess is so much more than an aesthetically pleasing swing; it is the culmination of proficiencies for the many varying and unique tasks required to successfully play 18 holes. That is why all golf instruction under Richard’s tutelage starts with a comprehensive assessment session. It is only after a golfer knows their starting baseline that they can truly start to uncover and improve the areas that will garner the greatest results.

KVest LogoEvery assessment includes the following:

  • TPI Physical Screening (KVEST integration)
  • 8 Sensor AMM 3D Motion Capture
  • Flightscope Ball/ Club Capture
  • SwingCatalyst Pressure Plate Analysis
  • Equipment Evaluation and Fitting
  • Short Game Testing (skills and performance benchmarks)
  • Complete Putting Diagnostics (Green Reading Skills, Stroke Mechanics, Vision Testing, Putter Fitting)

After each player’s baseline has been created; all relevant physical and technical details will be used in the creation of a thorough and completely customized instruction plan.